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Andrew Nicholson

Installing, diagnosing issues, repairing and maintaining internet systems or alike, land-line telephone systems, and more.

Lia Susan

works in giant power plants, chemical plants, various manufacturing facilities and other types of large-scale building.

Matthew Donald

His main tasks are Tests, diagnoses, and repairs various building control systems like refrigeration, heating, and air conditioning systems.

Christopher Daniel

One of the specialized expert team member in maintaining, making repairs to machinery like fans, pumps, compressors, and transformers.

Joseph Thomas

specialized in installing, maintaining electronics for road systems to ensure safe,sustainable transport system.

William Richard

He is engaged on tasks like construct and manage electronic panels, assemble large electrical control boxes for industrial machinery

Jack Nicholson

One of the expert electrician engaged on installing and maintaining electrical components indoor, Outdoor and wiring into commercial buildings

Robert Downey

Experienced team member who ensures the safe & efficient working of large & critical electrical systems in plants and factories

Gerard Butler

Dedicated member with experience on Installing lighting systems and maintaining both indoor and outdoor, wiring and other electrical systems

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